An Evening of Drummers!

Preparation is what it takes to make a great performance! The annual “Evening of Drummers” is an opportunity for each student of the Drum School to perform a piece of music of their choice in front of a live audience of friends, family and fellow drummers in a concert-like venue with lights and cameras. Past performance choices have included drum solos, rudiment demonstrations and songs (in styles such as Rock, Jazz, Blues and Funk). The “Evening of Drummers” is a great experience because it helps to build confidence and it creates a sense of community among the students. This event truly helps each student to become the best drummer they can be!

Red Drumset


The workshops offered through the Drum School are a great opportunity for players of all ages and levels to learn, drum and grow as well as build a sense of community among drummers.

* Workshops are temporarily suspended due to covid.  Please sign up to be notified when we resume!

Double Drumming

In any playing situation, listening is paramount! In this workshop, two or more advanced drumset students will play/jam together at the same time. We will be focusing on listening, adapting, locking-in and improvising together. Additionally, we will cover subjects such as trading bars, soloing, the importance of playing a pattern, and breaking up patterns among drummers. We will analyze and discuss a few songs from famous bands that had more than one drummer (ex. Allman Brothers Band, Grateful Dead and James Brown). Multiple drumsets provided.


In this workshop, students of all levels will learn about what makes a great performance. Students will pick a song, learn the part, practice it, and perform for one another. We will also analyze and discuss great performances of famous drummers. For those of you who have already performed, this is an opportunity to get even better. For those of you who have never performed, this is a great way to get your feet wet. Students will be placed in groups according to level.

Big Band Drumming 101

The great Duke Ellington said, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”. In this workshop, students of all levels will learn the importance of swing in music and the role of the drummer in a big band. The drummer is responsible for keeping time, the feel, playing rhythm figures, setting up hits for the band, and dynamics! Students will learn some of the basic feels (swing, bossa, ballad and funk) and how to read a drum chart. Students will be placed in groups according to level.


For those students who are participating in NYSSMA in the Spring, this workshop is for you! We will review required rudiments and work on sight reading. Each student will have the opportunity to perform their festival piece in front of the other students. Students will be placed in groups according to assigned NYSSMA level.